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Mr Death Or Something 1: The Salmon Mousse

Title: Mr Death Or Something
Fandom:  Supernatural (S5 onward)

Characters: Death (Supernatural), OFC, mentions of Lucifer

Rating: I dunno... PG?  Cause I always cuss.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for readers spewing stuff on their screens, keyboards, or family members whilst readin' this fic. I don't own anything but the OFC Jules (who, scarily enough, I'd named before I knew who played Death on SPN...)

Summary: Death makes a buddy.

a/n: I wrote most of this a couple of years ago, worked on it in spurts here and there since, and now, yeah, 'publishing'.  Set around the end of Season 5 of Supernatural, when Death is still under Lucifer's control.
This fic was actually part of a bigger universe, which at one point included Gabriel/Loki.  Not sure if I'll post those as well, but some of the stuff I've written in THIS fic has references to THAT fic... i'll figure it out later I suppose.
Written because Death needs more fandom love.  And a thorough feeding.  And because Monty Python is the shit.
Oh, and I mostly pull this stuff outta my ass so don't take it seriously :)  I'm out of practice so... yeah, all errors, just ignore em. LOL

The Salmon MousseCollapse )


Hopefully i'll have some more quickyshortchapterthingies done within the next 6 years hahaha
So, what do you think Ladies?  Gotta have our Deathproof night soon, and now that a few of us have actually TRIED Charteuse, we gots ta have a Deathproof night where we take shots when Butterfly, ShannaBanana and Jungle Julia do.   And Nachos because fuck me sideways the ones Stuntman Mike are eating look so goooooood.

Lashana_inferno has her bottle, I'll get mine next week, and you guys, well, whenever you want, hahaha or if you don't want, get some wild turkey instead *snort*

WHEN?  I can't in 2 weeks (Saturday) cause of work, unless we do it in the evening (which would actually be a good wind down for the week LOL)  but... gimme suggestions?  Before September?


Oh hell

somebody convince me not to have my OFC meet Death via actual death by Salmon Mousse...   It's just too stupid but goddamn tempting hahahahaha


For my tf girls, once this is expired ima take it apart, unless its bought first

Coupon peniscannon69 for a discount :)


Gotta get some drabbles done

Edit: would help if i left the link
haha went through and editted chapter 39 and 40 of oloba... fuuuuck. that was a mess


re opened the Epic Beard Battle of Middle Earth


Go vote!

ps: TF peeps
looking for a fic that involved the Gelatinous Cube and scaring new guys.
HELP!  Driving me fucking nuts.


Just chillin' in the Cell chatroom, listening to music and yakking with Eerian and Lash, and writing little songlength fics


chat: http://paddedcell22619.yuku.com/newchat/room/id/50

come join in!   :d we'll be here for a couple hours

chat tonight

Gonna get together & Chat at the Cell tonight at 730, if u guys wanna come

Should totally do flash fic, like, song length fics during chat, and post em in your LJ or at the Cell. Just to flex the stagnant writey muscles!



summary: giving up being a DJ and will probably be using this LJ for my weirdness and my wordpress for my brain. 


I gotta quit getting weird crushes on strange tv show n movie characters. Too damned old for it hahaha

Ps: lennox is coming back to TF which is the only good point really.... yay lennox!


Just in case any of you are interested:


geekin' out togetttttttttttttttther!


Maggie madsen is in jessica jones! Cool.